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Rainbow reflective fabric

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Rainbow reflective fabrics also called iridescent reflective fabric or neon reflective fabric has been the new favorite of the fashion world. This new material can be used to make reflective clothing, reflective backpacks, and reflective shoes. Recently, all-reflective shoes are becoming popular. Major fashion brands have launched shoes with reflective fabrics. This kind of material will reflect light in the dark or low light conditions, in addition to playing a certain security role, is also regarded as a new trend.

One of the brands launched colorful reflective shoes is very eye-catching. This reflective shoe uses rainbow reflective fabric with a colorful discoloration effect. Under the light of daytime, the purple and green delicate pearlescent textures are presented. Under different lighting conditions, different colorful luster is present.

At present, this reflective material is very popular in the market. As one of the manufacturers of reflective materials in China, chinastars offers the best price and the best quality. Please visit our website:

rainbow reflective fabric

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