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Rainbow Reflective Fabric & Heat Transfer Vinyl

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Rainbow reflective material also called iridescent or neon reflective material has been the new favorite of the fashion world.

It appears black in daylight, while at night when illuminated by light, it is able to show different reflective colors at different angles, which is absolutely stunning and eye-catching. 

rainbow reflective fabric

Rainbow reflective fabric with TC or polyester base fabric is intended for the application on sportswear, fashion apparel, jackets, shoes, and other accessories to enhance the visibility of wearer in low light conditions.

Rainbow reflective heat transfer vinyl can be cut by plotter or laser machine into GRAPHICS, CHARACTERS, and LOGOS and transferred to all kinds of fabric base by heat and pressure, such as sportswear, caps, bags, shoes, etc. Come and create your own unique logo design for increased brand awareness.

rainbow reflective heat transfer vinyl

To know more about rainbow reflective material or other reflective material for casual wear, pls visit our website or contact us at Free samples or fabric catalog can be provided upon request.


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