Put on the reflective vest-be visible

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An invisible cyclist, an invisible pedestrian plague our roadsides. The invisible play with life every day and check the happiness of drivers.

The autumn weather outside the windows. Rain, fog, and shorter and shorter days. These are factors that affect the visibility of pedestrians on the road. In such weather, unprotected road users are a group in case of serious injuries. That is why it is so important for pedestrians and cyclists to be aware of the great influence they have on their safety. Today, being safe on the road means being visible on the road. Wear reflectors. Do not risk your life. In a clash with a vehicle, pedestrians and cyclists are always in a lost position. A reflective vest is not a shame, it's our safety.

reflective tape

The example shows what it looks like from the position of the driver in the car:

Two people are walking on the road. One is not wearing reflective clothing and the other is wearing a reflective jacket. A pedestrian with reflections becomes visible from a distance of over 200 meters, the other one is cannot be seen. A reflective vest with reflective tape is obligatory, the driver is better visible, a large field.

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