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Protect your dog in the dark

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To be seen can save lives. Not just your own, but also your dog. Here are the tips for you and your animal to be visible in the darkness.

Darkness, fog, and snowfall make it difficult to detect both humans and animals. According to traffic safety organization NTF, you can be seen already at 125 meters with reflective material, but only at 20 meters outside. This also applies to your dog, cat, horse or other pet.

Many people make sure that they have reflective vests but often forget the dog.

There are a lot of different reflective models. But the most common for dogs are necklaces and vest. The necklace can either blink or made of reflective material.

The advantage of those who flash is that the dog is visible without it being hit by light. It is also important that the reflections are visible from all directions. A reflective necklace that runs around the entire neck, instead of just one side, can be a good idea.

Then you give the driver a chance to discover the animal.

Chinastars suggests that from time to time check that the reflections really work. They can be worn by washing and weather and may need to be replaced.

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