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Police pull reflective tape to control traffic

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Lusong traffic police in the central square pulled reflective tape along the bridge section, to prevent phenomenon of non-compliance with traffic rules, such as the arbitrarily driving, pedestrians cross the street and other uncivilized phenomenon.

Traffic police told reporters that the center section of the bridge plaza to Hongwei are full of people, and the traffic is relatively concentrated. Many drivers and pedestrians break the traffic rules, thus aggravating the congested roads. And since few pedestrians and drivers are aware of the importance of reflective safety vest, serious traffic accidents happens each month.

For the safety of both drivers and pedestrians, police officer temporarily pulled the reflective tape. With this reflective tape, drivers can no longer be free to turn around here illegally; and pedestrians can no longer across the streets randomly. At the same time, the police officer strongly recommends pedestrians and drivers both to wear reflective vest for preventing traffic accident. Since in this way, they can see each other earlier and act accordingly. The police believe in this way, they can manage this section better.

reflective warning tape

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