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Outdoor sports in China

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It seems marathon race are popular in China, everyday, every month you can get news around some friends will attend marathon race in some province, like Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, lots of cities and province.

It seems it is the most popular exercise in China since 2015. Maybe 10 years before, we only see marathon race from TV, like “Olympics” or any other huge sports in world. But now, everyone want to keep health, and do much more exercise everyday, more and more people will go to gym or doing sports out of door. Like jogging , bicycle, basketball.... All kinds of exercise. It’s a good news, it seems we are pay more attention to our health. Doing exercise also brings you in good shape and much more energey, and looked young.

While you have jogging or bicycle in the night outside, it is better to wore safety vest or have any reflective band on wrist or ankle, in this case, when you are in dark area, if any car or light reflection, with the reflection, you can be seen far away, and you can been seen easily. Chinastars have extended reflective fabric into outdoor area, like shining reflective material and soft reflective material, which can be used on many kinds of sportswear to keep you safe.  

reflective vest for runner


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