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New reflective products to recommend

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As we all know recently reflective material can not only be applied onto all kinds of safety clothing such as safety vest, safety shirt, safety jacket but also onto the outdoor products & fashionable clothing too. Here are some hot sale reflective fabrics.

One popular product is the PU reflective fabric. Many customers use the PU reflective fabric to make whole reflective backpacks or reflective shoes or lovely reflective keychains or some reflective promotional products etc. The thickness of this PU reflective fabric can be from 0.7mm to 1.2mm and retro reflective coefficient is very high, over 400CPL. The other is the rainbow reflective fabric. It looks just grey color in daylight but it will be colorful under the flash light! And the backing material now we have 100% polyester and TC fabric! Now it is widely used on the sports and fashionable clothing.

Chinastars will attend the A+A exhibition in Germany dated from 17th to 20th Oct. If you are interested in these new reflective materials, you can come to our booth 3A89 to know more and get some free samples to add them to your new selling list! I am sure that your potential clients will be interested! See you soon!

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