New arrival ——reflective print fabric

[ Click:4578 ]    [ by Linda, CHINASTARS  Feb 22, 2016 ]

With more than 10 years working on reflective fabric, Chinastars is an expert of reflective fabric and reflective materials. Our reflective fabric protected and saved a lots of workers and professional users when they worked. Now we would like to help more people who do a lots activities outdoor keeping safe.


We developed our own patent technology of reflective printing to make pattern reflective printing on various kinds of fabric. We have various of pattern for reflective print fabric, these patterns not only are good looking but also reflective & safe.


The reflective print fabric is using the same material that we use in safety clothing. It’s good for various kinds of garments and products, such as jacket, t-shirt, raincoats, umbrella etc..With this reflective function, normal clothing can be safer as well as fashion. We hope lower and lower accident happen due to the low visibility. Join us and keep safe.

reflective printing fabric


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