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New Perforated FR reflective tape for FR workwear

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  Today I want to share some interesting product research about the FR reflective tape with our PPE customers! Hope my information will be helpful for your FR workwear business. 

  Now some of our EU customers begin to use the perforated FR reflective tape to their FR safety clothing and safety vest, especially for the safety coverall! As we all know that firefighters will get more and hotter and create many vapors quickly as they work in high temperature. But the FR reflective tape is not breathable and only the garments fabric is breathable. Therefore, after staying in the high temperature environment for a while, the vapors will gather at the reflective tape part soon. However the vapors cannot get out because the FR reflective tape is not breathable. So sometimes, firefighter may get hurt. And some customers also do some research and find out many injury of their body are exactly in the reflective tape's place. 

  That's why the new perforated FR reflective tape is more and more popular among our customers. What's more, outdoor industries also have much demand for this kind breathable reflective fabric. Any interesting, you can contact us to get some free samples!

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