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New Arrival Of Rainbow Reflective Printing Fabric

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With the improvement of people’s safety awareness, reflective material's application fields are more and more widely. Years ago, they were widely used onto work wear, but now it covers almost all kinds of the garment industry, bags industry, shoe industry etc. Here I want to share our newest rainbow reflective printing fabric with you.

In the last two years, the rainbow reflective fabric has been highly welcomed by customers in the sport and fashion garment industries. Many designers use our polyester or TC rainbow reflective fabric to make whole reflective jackets or rainbow reflective shoes. Customers' feedback is very nice. But recently more and more customers asked can we choose the backing fabric's color and material? We want the backing fabric color to be black or yellow or pink etc, is it possible? We want the backing fabric's material to be stretchable or cotton material etc, is it possible? Now, the answer is YES! Our RD center now develops a new rainbow reflective printing fabric. Customers can supply their fabric to us and our factory will heat transfer the pattern design onto the fabric. Very cool, right?

We are very willing to supply some reflective fabric samples to you for checking our quality and reflective effect. Kindly please contact our sales team to get more information.

rainbow reflective fabric

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