Maximum Comfort and Visibility with Hi Vis Work Shirts

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  When it's freezing cold outside, a high visibility safety vest or jacket is ideal for providing safety on the job. But during the spring, summer and fall, a jacket is too warm and even a simple safety vest adds another layer of clothing which can be quite a burden. If you're looking for maximum comfort, ANSI compliant safety and minimal layers of clothing, you might want to take a look at our high visibility shirts.

  Hi-vis shirts are available in a variety of different styles including t-shirts, long sleeved t-shirts, and buttoned short & long sleeve work shirts. From the fluorescent-colored enhanced visibility designs to ANSI Class 2 and 3 compliant, there are shirts for practically any application. Some of the features available include microfiber reflective fabrics for optimal breathability and even FR Rated shirts for situations requiring FR protection.

  Aside from comfort and lightweight ANSI compliant protection, another major benefit of high visibility shirts is that even the short sleeved t-shirts have more fabric than a sleeveless vest, so you're getting a larger amount of high visibility fabric on your body - which is always a plus from a safety standpoint.

  If you're interested in simplifying safety this year while improving your level of comfort of reflective vest on the job, be sure to check out our complete line of Hi Vis ANSI Class Shirts today.

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