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Let reflective hat protect you in winter

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The day became colder and colder, which means the winter's coming. When you go outside in the cold weather, keep warming is the first important thing to do. The reflective jacket maybe a good choice. Especially people working on the road. But the traditional reflective clothing is not suitable for daily life.
    When we put on warm coat in winter .How about your head? Will you wear a hat to keep warm? Do you have a fashion hat?
    We develop a fashion reflective hat. A trendy unisex design, perfect for an all-seasons look at any age. This kind of hat are made of reflective yarn, this material technology reflects light, ensuring you are visible when a car approaches, keeping you safe on the road. Widely used by cyclists and runners, as well as a fun accessory to be noticed in pictures and when out at night.
The reflective webbing plays an important role in the hat. It is double side reflection. Not only can be applied to the hat, can also knit scarf or other clothing. If you interested in it, please visit our website or contact our sales to know more about this products.

reflective webbing

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