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Langfang gas station cares staff by offering them safety vests

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The staff of Shandong Langfang Gas Station Lang Xiancheng arrived at the company on time as usual wearing a safety vest by bike. This year, the company offered safety vests for their 258 staffs to ensure their safety.


To make sure the staffs are safety during their way to work. According to the company's safety management, they allocate additional 155 pcs safety apparel for the staffs who ride motorbike and bicycle on the basis of the original 147 pcs reflective vests. Company specific requires that staffs must put on the reflective clothing during their way to work and back home.


“Only to ensure the safety of employees´╝îthe safety production can be ensured. That’s the reason why we allocate the safety vests by reflective fabric for each of our staffs.”The manager said. The staffs are all thumbs-up for the new policy.


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