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Is the reflective vest only reflective

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What's a reflective vest? A high-visibility reflective material that reflects backlight from afar and has a good anti-reflective optical performance during the day or night. Many people in life know that reflective vests are used to reflect light and provide security.

In recent years, the use of reflective vests has been increasing, adding multi-functional pockets and portable suspension points for easy tool placement. LEDs are installed in the front and back of the garment and can display different colors and modes according to different needs.

Cooling purposes vest, can for the people who work in a high-temperature environment to provide comfortable, cooling and protection of the vest inside have much new technology and cooling module, through immersed by water evaporation take away the body heat, to achieve the purpose of cooling purposes. These functions are not limited to reflective vests, which can be applied to all kinds of reflective clothing, which not only improve the safety performance of the reflective clothing but also increase the applicability of reflective clothing.

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