Importance of reflective vest for everyone

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Did you know that on average, over 59,000 pedestrians are injured annually by cars? CNSS reflective vest is designed with performance and aesthetics in mind to keep you safe and moving so you can have peace of mind with a body in motion.

Studies have shown that runners who wear reflective vest can be recognized by drivers from 6 times further away than those who don't. Check out our reflective vest  that act as a beacon that allows you to be seen, running-specific handheld flashlights that effortlessly light the path ahead, reflective gear, and our new BlackLight Collection.

Running without reflective vest is like driving without headlights. This collection of reflective and LED vests and add-ons is specifically designed with the morning and evening runner in mind. That means highly visible, lightweight, breathable, and functional products that fit your body and won't cramp your running style.


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