How to increase visibility in rainy days

[ Click:2626 ]    [ by Mia, CHINASTARS  Sep 14, 2015 ]

When summer comes, there usually will be heavy rains along with it. Thus bring much trouble to the car drivers also the pedestrian because of the low visibility. Traffic accidents happen frequently during the rainy days. How to increase high visibility in rainy days? How to keep safe? This makes the masses really worried. The extensive application of reflective material will alleviate this problem.

As we all know, reflective material is mainly used in clothing and vehicle field. As you can see, the traffic police or sanitation worker wearing high visibility clothing when they are working on the road. Now more and more governments advise pedestrian or cyclists to wear high visibility clothing like safety vest or reflective raincoat especially in the rainy days or at night when the visibility becomes low. Some European countries even issue a law to make it compulsory. People who don’t wear a high visibility vest or related reflective gear such as a reflective armband will be fined. This measure indeed helps avoiding these kind accidents.

If you think it is very inconvenient to wear high visibility clothing, then you can stick some reflective tape on your raincoat or bike, this will also enhance the high visibility too.

reflective raincoat


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