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High visibility vest be seen everywhere

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As we said in earlier news Since China government issued one new law said each new car should have one new safety vest, the direct result is that labor cost increased more than 40% compared to the year 2018, till now, China local market still under the crazy requirement.

But now when you lived, worked or traveling in China. You can see a high visibility safety vest be seen in each corner. On the road, constitution workers with tools wear a high viability safety vest, even most of the time they are dirty and some of them broken. The wearer will not care for the standard. Only one vest keep them safe is enough.

In the train station. While waiting, of course, you can see the police with each kind of safety vest patrolling around to keep everyone in safe. At the same time, you can see some volunteers and waitresses wear high visibility vest which is easy to be seen in fluorescent yellow or orange color.

Anyway with the high realization of people's safety in life is good for a country.

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