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    As we know, all in past times, we have low aware of safety in our daily life. In this case, high visibility safety garment made by reflective fabric is not very popular in our daily life. The filed which we see is:High visibility safety garment is only for policeman and also high visibility safety for cleaner. High visibility safety clothing does not go into medical and construction area in the past.

    And now is 2017. It seems China government want to issue one “STANDARD” for safety vest to China local market. You know, as high visibility safety clothing and reflective tape manufacturer in China, we have export lots of safety vest and reflective tape to European and USA market, we have to follow their standard, like EN ISO 20471 and ANSI 107-2015 also standard for Australia market, which will updated year by year. 

    If China Government Issue one standard for the local market, I think it will be a huge opportunity for Chinastars, as one of the largest reflective material manufacturer in China, we have 6 reflective material production lines which cover sewn on reflective tape, heat applied heat transfer film and also reflective piping, FR tape and so on.

    So if you are interested in any reflective material, please click our website for reference:

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