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High visibility raincoat make rider safer

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We need to pay more attention to keep safe in the rainy day because the most accidents have happened. So at this time reflective vest is very necessary when you go out at night.

Recently, an electric bicycle driver was wearing a dark blue raincoat in a rainy night; it is not easy to distinguish, nearly causing an accident. Police suggest that electric bicycle driver need to wear colorful, light-colored or reflective raincoat in the rainy night. Reporter survey found that the majority of riders have no such awareness.

Traffic police in safety vest said that the transportation department did not make the relevant provisions about electric bicycle drivers’ raincoat colors and reflective markings. Due to the blurry vision in the rainy day, especially in the rainy night, darker hue raincoat has high degree of integration with the surrounding environment; it is difficult to cause drivers’ attention.

The warm color, light-colored reflective raincoat made by reflective material is eye-catching; they can remind others pay attention to their existence. So riding in the rainy day, it is best to wear a big contrast with the surrounding environment reflective raincoat. It makes driver and pedestrian easier to be seen, to avoid more accidents.

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