High visibility T-shirt for outdoor activities

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Under high temperature in summer, how to protect yourself when you are working on the road? I think the best way is to wear a high visibility T-shirt, made of 100% polyester wicking fabric and reflective tape, which can keep you cool even when you are under sunshine and also keep you safety.

You can wear high visibility T-shirt for running, jogging and walking too, it is not same as the high visibility safety vest, which you should wear clothing inside and wear it outside of the garment you have. High visibility T-shirt is made by bird-eye mesh fabric and jersey fabric, we can wear it directly to the skin, and also feeling soft and comfortable.

Chinastars can produce all kind of T-shirt, like high visibility polo shirt and also normal T-shirt with 2 horizontal or one horizontal 2 vertical T-shirt or even 4 strips T-shirt, it can meet EN ISO20471 or ANSI 107-2015 Class 2 or Class 3 standard.

Any questions or need much more details of the high visibility T-shirt or reflective fabric, please click www.chinareflective.com or send emails to us for quotation.

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