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Helpful tips to help keep you safe out on the roads

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With summer just around the corner and more people out riding their bikes, the Halifax District RCMP, Halifax Regional Police and the Brain Injury Association of Nova Scotia would like to remind motorists and cyclists that bicycles have a place on the road and we all have a responsibility to keep our roadways safe.

Through education on proper safety equipment and the rules of the road, police hope to educate cyclists to reduce the number of collisions. To keep cyclists safe in Nova Scotia, there is a one-meter rule that requires drivers to leave one meter of space between their vehicle and a cyclist when driving beside or passing a cyclist. Motorists who do not abide by the one-meter rule are at risk of receiving a hefty fine under the Motor Vehicle Act.

Cyclists, check out these helpful tips to help keep you safe out on the roads:

Make the proper adjustments to your bicycle and ensure it’s the correct size;

See and be seen. Wear a reflective vest or bright clothing;

Have a bell or horn on your bike;

Obey traffic laws;

Yield to traffic when appropriate;

Use proper hand signals when turning and stopping;

Be predictable.

Motorists, keep in mind that even though cars are much bigger than bikes, it's important to:

Be alert and make an effort to look for cyclists;

Check for cyclists before turning right or left;

Not honk at a cyclist;

Not take a cyclist's speed for granted;

When parking or leaving a parking space, be sure to look for cyclists before opening your door or pulling out on to the road;

Be patient.

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