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Good promotion methods by Reflective jacket

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Do you want to promote your products or company by a fashion way? As we all know, when people want to promote one thing (products, company brand.etc.) they will print the company logo or design on clothing, catalog or other products. Sometime it’s not very useful to attract attention. At this time, why not try to use a reflective material?

As we all know, the reflective material is made with glass beads, it can reflect the light and make us stay bright at night. We can see the light of reflective tape from road worker’s safety vest, it keep the workers be safer when they are working. And now reflective material is used on more and more fields, one of them is the fashion clothing. Sometimes we can see people wear a fashion reflective jacket on road, it looks fashion and safe.

The reflective jacket is made by reflective fabric, except the logo part by embroider; the other part will be bright at night. At this time, the logo part will be seen more clearly, this is a more fashion way to promote your products or brands, so why not to try it?

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