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G20 Hangzhou Summit preparations

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 The summit will be held in Hangzhou on Sept. 4 and 5, after China took over the G20 presidency in December. Preparations for the G20 summit in the eastern Chinese city of Hangzhou are going smoothly. Joint effort to maintain good safety and stability of the G20 summit of Hangzhou, about China's image, the image of Zhejiang, is a big test about the construction of "peace" in Zhejiang province. Programs of events and arrangements for venues, facilities, logistics and security are also being fleshed out.

   During the summit, Hangzhou government increased the summit has been sticking to the environment and improve the livelihood of the people living organic combination, make neat, orderly and beautiful city environment, benefit the people in the city, to give people a better quality of life, strengthen people's well-being and the acquisition. The summit has been mobilized, built the office of warm atmosphere. The citizens are involved in the service of the G20 to work. Volunteers wearing reflective clothing with smile and thoughtful service to entertain tourists in Hangzhou. Villagers in reflective vest at night go on patrol to ensure safety .The citizens of the study enthusiasm is very high, consciously improve their English level, in the community 60 s aunt big ye also into the G20 related to English learning 100 sentences.

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