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Focus on cyclists-See and be seen

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Seeing and being seen is the most important safety precaution for cyclists. The lighting on bicycles and of course also on electric bikes or e-scooters plays an important role in poor visibility conditions such as twilight, darkness, rain, or fog.

Therefore: "Make yourself visible - bright clothing saves lives!" In addition to the regulation of functioning lights and reflectors on the bike, you should wear light-colored clothing. Reflective clothing significantly increases safety in road traffic because you are perceived better and earlier by other road users. It is important to attract attention, especially in the dark. This can be achieved with jackets with reflective stripes, luminous folding straps, or the like. Use reflective covers for backpacks and luggage bags. Safety vests serve well for two-wheelers in terms of visibility. Make your bike helmet visible through lighting or reflective strips. Cyclists can never shine enough in the dark! Attention "blind spot": truck and bus drivers provide areas next to and behind the vehicle only to a limited extent. It is important for you:

- makes itself "visible" to the driver

- make eye contact with him as much as possible

- Bottlenecks between vehicles

Avoids traffic facilities/buildings

- Pay attention to starting movements of vehicles

- If in doubt, give up your right of way, especially if the truck or bus to turn off flashes

Dooring accidents:

If a car driver or front passenger opens the car door without looking in the rear and/or side mirror and without looking over the shoulder, cyclists and other road users approaching from behind have no chance to brake in time. In dooring accidents, cyclists and e-scooter drivers often suffer severe head or leg injuries, even at very low speeds. Therefore: "Turn your head - see cyclists!" Tip: Open the door crosswise (left door with right hand).

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