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Engineering Safety Vest, it is a standard equipment to enter construction sites or for firefighters. And the color is the most prominent fluorescent yellow or orange with grey or silver reflective strips. It is entirely to stress "safe and practical" and the designs are more or less the same. They are not pursuing so-called "good looks" and "design sense."   

However Recently, fashion and trend circles have been invaded by such single products and more and more fashion field has used this kind vest with reflective material. The engineering safety vest came into the fashion field dated from 2013 at the Ashish Herbst Winter Show. Designer Ashish Gupta saw construction workers wearing a reflective vest on the construction site, saying the dress was a complete symbol of "diligence," "protective," and "durable." After few modifications then it turned out to be fashionable clothing, then they boldly took it to the stage and became the season's autumn and winter single product. After that, more and more designs begin to use the reflective elements on their clothing.

Chinastars begin to focus on the reflective materials for outdoor and fashion using since 2015 and now we have developed many different function reflective fabrics also reflective accessories for various using. Kindly please contact our sales teams to get more, thank you!

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