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Essential safety equipment on construction sites

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In the world of construction, the use of personal protection elements (PPE) is essential when guaranteeing the integrity and safety of all workers. A large part neglects personal protection when building, this being one of the most essential aspects when working, being able to save us from a major injury, or even save our lives.

Some of the most important personal protection elements are:

Safety boots: a fundamental and mandatory element for all types of construction, since it avoids injuring our feet with dangerous elements that are on the ground, such as nails, glass remains, among others. The main feature of these boots is that they are steel-toed.

Helmet: the use of a helmet is also mandatory in all areas of the construction world. Although it might be thought that it is not necessary to use it in small works, it is of vital importance to avoid direct blows by falling material, as, for example, in the construction of a roof.

Gloves: an essential element for hand protection. There are gloves to be able to carry out different types of work, such as heat gloves, cut resistant gloves, and so on.

Reflective vest: a mandatory requirement in every work is the reflective vest. It serves to identify the workers, allowing them to know which item they belong to within the construction, in addition to making the worker more visible to avoid accidents, mainly in the handling of machinery.

Goggles: goggles have great resistance to impact, and most workers use it as it protects their eyes from possible accidents with debris that can jump out when doing a job.

Harness and lifeline: this protection element consists of a lifeline, which secures the harness to a fixed point. This type of equipment is used for work at height and allows it to be suspended in case of accidents.

Mask: like goggles, they are necessary when work releases many small particles of dust, harmful to our health. Inhaling these particles could cause respiratory illnesses in the short and long term.

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