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Employees need to wear reflective vest

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The sky has been dark when we get off work, and most of the office workers go work and back home by riding electric bike. There is a big security risks because the low light at night. In this case, if pedestrians wear a standard traffic reflective vest, the drivers can pay attention to them easily; so that the probability of occurrence of traffic accidents will be greatly reduced.

Recently, the Hangzhou traffic police promote the education of traffic safety knowledge, in order to strengthen the awareness of traffic safety, and issue near 5 million pieces reflective safety vests to ensure that everyone's safety. Traffic police also analyze the traffic accident of 2017 and found that many employees choose the electric bike to go to work.

Hangzhou traffic police are not only produced 50,000 pieces reflective vest to the workers, but also to teach them how to prevent the occurrence of traffic accidents, and analyze the traffic accident of the past two years, to improve everyone's legal concepts and security awareness.

We should choose a formal brand, qualified products; a good quality reflective material will be providing a good protection for us. Otherwise, it is difficult to play a real protective effect.

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