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Do you have a safety vest in your car

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Safety vests can literally be a life saver. provides laws relating to safety vests and about the safety vests in general.

In the worst case a small breakdown can have fatal consequences. Every year there are almost  4,000 people are killed in road accidents. In China there is no obligation to put a safety vest in your car. Why is that? Many EU countries already have laws relating to safety vests on the cars.

If you want to travel to other EU countries you might be forced to buy a safety vest. If you do not carry a vest in your car or if you do not wear one when having a breakdown you might be fined. 

A safety vest protects you when you have a car breakdown or when you render first aid at the crash site.

Never keep your safety vest in the trunk. In case of an accident it makes sense to keep the safety vest in reach, maybe in the glove box or under your seat.

We can provide the reflective vest as a promotional item with the customized logo.

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