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Different kinds of reflective safety clothing

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Reflective material is widely used in our lives. In the daytime, it presents silvery gray, while at night it presents bright white and can be seen from over 100 meters away, thus giving prominent safety signs and ensuring the users’ life safety.

This reflective safety clothing is made of high-grade fabric and high reflective cloth. It is comfortable, durable, washable, soft to touch and highly reflective. Reflective safety clothing including Reflective safety T-shirt, Reflective safety vest, Reflective safety jacket, Reflective safety raincoat, Reflective safety rainpants, Reflective safety bib pants and so on.

Reflective safety vest is made of 100% polyester mesh or solid fabric, the most common colors are fluorescent lime and orange colors, front closure can choose zipper or Velcro. All vests can be printed with customized logo in our factory. And we also can make customized design for all products.

Reflective safety clothing make you safer, the most important advantage is the reflective vest will avoid traffic accident with effectly.

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