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Cyclist, be more visible by wearing reflective vest

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Every day, hospital will receive lots of injured patients and some of them are injured in car accident. More worryingly, the number of car accident injured has been increasing, especially among the cyclist and motorcycle riders according to the statistics, so wearing a reflective safety vest when cycling becomes necessary.

As is known to us all, cyclists could be exposing themselves to greater danger of being struck by a car due to the driver’s inability to see them, particularly when the light is poor. On the one hand, we must obey the traffic rules; on the other hand we should also do some effective preventive measures to increase the visibility. Cyclists can add reflective tape to their knees and ankles because the pedaling movement makes light from the headlights bounce back to the driver making it easier to register they are there. Cyclists also need to wear a reflective vest and, of course, have lights on their bike to increase their chances of being seen in low-light as well as at night. This simple step could make cycling in low-light much safer.

But now only few cyclists in these low-light crashes were wearing reflective vest. Most of people don't realize the importance of wearing a reflective vest. It is a pity. We need more make more effort to let everybody realize its importance.

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