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Be seen, be safe

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Need safety vest or reflective material? We offer a full line of wholesale safety vest. Our safety vests prices are fantastic and our selection is huge. If you're looking for a safety vest with pockets or any other type of safety vest, the soft mesh safety vests to keep your workers cool, or even the safety vest you have come to the right place. The reflective tape makes you safe, be seen, be safe. Our large selection and affordable prices will keep you coming back for all your safety vest needs.                                                                     

High Visibility Apparel Standard

Class 1 Garments are used where there is ample separation of workers from vehicle traffic and where the work scene is not complex usually where traffic speeds do not exceed 25 mph.

Class 2 Garments are used where work activities take place in closer proximity to traffic and where these activities may divert worker attention from approaching traffic with speeds exceeding 25 mph.

Class 3 Garments are used by workers who are exposed to higher vehicle speeds or reduced sight distances.  The worker must be noticeable throughout body movement and must be identifiable as a person 1,280 feet away.

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