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Chinese bike-sharing revolution all around the world

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Chinese bike-sharing company ofo has launched services in Oxford, after acquiring permission from local authorities, according to a company press release Monday. The first batch of 100 signature yellow bikes with reflective material have been placed on the city's streets, and the number is expected to grow according to the need of local customers, said the press release.

The press release cited Joseph Seal-Driver, ofo's operations director in Britain, as saying that Oxford has been actively involved in promoting a sustainable transport system, and ofo can help provide the city with more environmentally-friendly ways of commuting. Even Rihanna, a super singer & pop star cannot help showing her love for Chinese sharing bike in Weibo (a Chinese social platform). She has given bikes to girls in Malawi to help them get an education.

What should we pay attention when we use the bike? Definitely, we shouldn’t dress skirts to drive, which invites inconvenience and unsafety in the road. The better way is to wear a reflective vest or other cloths with reflective material like the girl in the picture as bellow. It is very helpful when you chasing the fashion of bike-sharing revolution. Buy a reflective vest and make yourself visible and safe!

TIPS: Please wear the cloths with reflective fabric whenever you using a bicycle in the road (not only wearing it when you using sharing bike).

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