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Chinastars attend 3 fairs in May

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  120th Canton Fair Chinastars attend 3 fairs in May 2017. Except Techtextile in Frankfurt, we also had been in Canton Fair from 30th April - 4th May 2017 phase 3 each year. In the past, canton fair is the best way to show your company to the world, at that time, economy globalized is not popular as present, lots of clients from the world will come to China to looking for products in lower price, with developed of international business, people want to look for products in low price but in good quality too, some of them have stable supplier, at the same time, after decades of years, Canton fair seems could not bring as much benefit as they expected, so they will change their plan.

  Some of the clients in order to know the factory better, they will visit the manufacturer directly, in this way, they can know the company how it worked, and how many people they have, and also capability of the company… Even for this matter, Chinastars attend canton fair each year, always in phase 3, leisure sportswear area. We will show high visibility safety clothing, safety T-shirt, bomber jacket and of course, each kind of reflective material (reflective tape, heat transfer film tape and also colorful reflective tape).

  If you want to know more about the products, please click below link:, you can find the brief of the company, latest news, new products anything you needed via the website, any questions, please let me know.

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