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China Vehicle Administration exams require students wear safety vest

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  Oct. 15 Students in Weinan City Vehicle Administration exams wore safety vests, Why is this?
  The exam officer told reporter, Since April this year, they found some students use of high-tech electronic equipment in the examination room, which are used for cheating.Candidates use buttons on the camera to take pictures of clothes. Then the criminal through the button of the camera remote "instructions”. The officer get an idea from the practice of field Vehicle Administration department, they purchase the yellow reflective vest let the examinee dressing. Because the vest color is higher, and with reflective tape, can hold off camera, it will let the criminals can’t clearly figure out students.
 For this initiative , the reporter also randomly interviewed some candidates, they all said, put on the reflective clothing test, on the one hand, feeling more formal examination´╝îon the other hand are more fair and equitable, to prevent the situation cheating.

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