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Bus drivers must wear reflective vest

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  Recently, there were 15 bus drivers invited to participate in traffic management with wearing safety vest in Ningbo Dongqian Lake traffic patrol team, to experience as traffic police.

  At 7:30 in the morning that day, it was the peak work and every intersection traffic flow is very busy. Fifteen bus drivers were assigned to each road, under the guidance of the traffic police with wearing reflective vest; drivers learn behavioral essentials of directing traffic and realize the duty as a traffic police. When on duty in the process, not only faced the huge traffic, but also there were many different qualities of traffic participants, and drivers deeply recognized that traffic police worked so hard.

  Therefore, we need to better understand these traffic police who wear reflective fabric clothing, in order to ensure the smooth road for drivers, they need to work consistently at each corner. In the future, we will try our best to advocate civilized travel transportation, abandon the bad traffic. A boycott of dangerous driving behavior will be a civilized driving model, and make its contribution to urban traffic.

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