Best choice of reflective heat transfer film for plotter cutting

[ Click:2558 ]    [ by Linda, CHINASTARS  May 17, 2016 ]

Reflective heat transfer film are widely used as raw materials for logo, brand, labels etc.. It could not only show brand image at daytime, but also are high visible at night. Furthermore, reflective film/ logo is easy to apply on all kinds of products, such as jackets, pants, bags, caps and so on. So reflective heat transfer logo becomes popular product in our selling.

Different from traditional reflective fabric, the mainly production of reflective transfer logo is cutting by plotter. It is easy to operate and computerized.

Our reflective transfer film is very good for plotter cutting and its quality are highly accepted by worldwide market. Customers like its high reflection, easy operation, competitive price, stable quality etc.

Although our products are good enough, we still work on it and improve if any possible. Last few month ago, we improved our technology and make the backing film of reflective heat transfer film little sticky. It helps reflective logo production a lots. The logo part could stick on the backing film well due to the little stickiness. 

If you have any question about reflective film, please feel free to tell us.

reflective logo


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