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Benefits of Safety Vest

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We all know the drill when it comes to safety vests - they help enhance safety in the workplace by keeping you as visible as possible. There's a wide variety of safety vests, from ANSI 2 to ANSI 3, FR Rated, and even specially designed vests for surveyors, utility worker and the like. They're proven to save lives and play an integral part in everyday safety on the job. However, ANSI rated safety vests aren't always a requirement and there are many industries where simple, safety vests are utilized, both to enhance visibility. This is where a product such as the Chinastars Safety Vest is most useful.

Imagine working on a large industrial job site such as that's well lit and indoors, or maybe an outdoor event venue where safety hazards are practically non-existent to employees. There's really no need for high-visibility work wear, but it'd be nice to have a way to identify workers from the public or to classify certain workers from others based on their job tasks or title. Safety vests are perfect for these scenarios, offering a simple & cost-effective solution that makes it easy to clarify.

The safety vest is lightweight, inexpensive and has several features to increase usability. Made from 100% polyester mesh, it's ideal for warm weather or to be worn over a jacket in colder environments. For improved visibility, 2-inch prismatic reflective striping adorns the lower half of the vest. Both the front and the back of these vests have clear plastic ID holders, making it easy to display identification cards.

Communication is also made easy, thanks to the microphone tab located on the chest. Simply clip a mic on it and your radio or smartphone can be used for the effective hands-free device. The vest has a large outside pocket that can fit a tablet or clipboard, an inside patch pocket, and is equipped with adjustable side straps for a computable and secure fit.

Overall, the Safety Vest by Chinastars is an effective, flexible and affordable vest that offers an unlimited range of use.

To see and learn more about this safety vest, check it out here on our website. Feel free to contact us if you're interested in bulk discounts.

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