Be wide use of reflective material

[ Click:2035 ]    [ by Coco, CHINASTARS  May 31, 2017 ]

    Expressway is the place where the accident is frequent. So when we go to travel, I hope everyone can prepare the necessary security items in the car, such as triangular warning signs, safety vest and so on.

    Triangle warning sign is the required security sign when driver meet a sudden accident on the road, the purpose is to remind other vehicles to avoid the occurrence of secondary accidents.

    During the Spring Festival, on the high-way of Hangzhou, a woman stands with a triangle warning sign, did not wear a reflective vest, and a man is nervously repairing the car in the front. It has occurred two cars rear-end accident behind the woman. After asking for information, the rear driver takes a quick brake in order to avoid the woman, so that resulting this rear-end accident.

    So I hope everyone can remember, good driving habits and safety awareness can make you feel at ease when driving. And finally hope that the majority of driving friends can be aware of the importance of reflective material.


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