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Be visible on the road

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Each of us is a pedestrian. Regardless of the circumstances, let's take care of our security and let us be seen on the road. The autumn and winter period is characterized by rapidly falling dusk, changing weather conditions, and limited visibility. All this causes the so-called vulnerable road users, especially pedestrians, are particularly exposed to danger.

For the sake of joint security, we urge you to wear reflective elements. The compulsory use of reflectors applies to all pedestrians walking in undeveloped terrain after dark. Reflectors significantly improve the visibility of a pedestrian and can save his life. The driver will notice a pedestrian wearing a vest or a reflective band much earlier.

Let's remember!

Every pedestrian walking on the road after dusk outside built-up areas must have a reflector placed in a visible way for drivers. Many pedestrians follow these laws, but unfortunately, some people still put their lives at risk. A pedestrian wearing a dark suit is seen by the vehicle driver from a distance of about 40 meters. On the other hand, a pedestrian wearing reflective elements becomes visible even from a distance of 150 meters.

The highest number of pedestrian accidents usually occurs in the early twilight months. Unlit roads, the lack of designated places for the safe movement of pedestrians (especially outside built-up areas), and improper use of roads by pedestrians alone result in many road incidents. It happens that pedestrians force priority, forgetting that the car cannot be stopped. Often, pedestrians do not realize that they are hardly visible on the road.

We remind you!

From August 31, 2014, every pedestrian walking on the road outside built-up areas after dusk must have a reflector placed in a visible way for drivers. The regulations provide for an exception: after dusk, a pedestrian may move outside a built-up area without reflective elements, if he is on a road intended only for pedestrians or on a pavement. This rule does not apply in the residential area - pedestrians use the full width of the road there and have priority over a vehicle.

Reflective elements can be items attached to clothes, bands, reflective vests, and lanyards. It is important to place them: it is recommended to place reflectors at the level of the knees, hands, in the middle of the chest and back - then we will be sure that they are visible to other road users.

Let's be visible to motorists, especially now, when nightfall is falling earlier and earlier. The use of reflectors by all pedestrians moving after dark in undeveloped terrain is a MUST. The use of reflectors by pedestrians in the city and built-up areas is a REASONABLE MUST.

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