Backing fabric test now available for heat transfer material

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For heat transfer material, the most important performance is the combination with the backing fabric.Normally,our reflective heat transfer film "P" CS4003,is suitable for Ventilation, non-stretchable fabric; while reflective heat transfer "E" (CS4003 E) is suitable for Stretchable fabric, elastic band and substrates coated with PU.

Before put into mass production, it’s also very crucial that to confirm whether your backing fabric is fit for our film. We’re pleased to announce that we now offer free test service for your heat transfer film order.

First we will heat the EN ISO 20471 certified heat transfer film on the backing fabric according to the operation instruction we sent you. Then wash the sample in accordance with EN ISO 6330. After test, we will provide you with more detailed production conditions (like the heat temperature, time, pressure etc.), and sent you the tested sample for your reference.


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