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All kinds of reflective fabric

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Reflective fabric is made of reflective material and various fabrics; it can be used for the production of reflective clothing, reflective umbrella, reflective poncho, and reflective pendant and so on. So what is the usage of different reflective fabric? The following is a brief introduction.

1. Reflective printing fabric

Using the technology of composite coating, reflective material can be customized pattern composite to fabric. Compared with the traditional thermal transfer technology and reflective technology, composite coating technology has low cost, high efficiency, high brightness, fastness, and other advantages. This fabric is mainly used to make umbrella, poncho, sportswear or reflective vest, which needs personalized.

2. Soft overall reflective fabric

Composite coating technology used in a variety of fashion fabrics, polyester spinning, nylon spinning, chiffon, thin elastic reflective fabric texture thin, supple, widely used in a variety of leisure sports clothing.

3. Reflective elastic fabric

Reflective elastic fabric points bright silver single-sided elastic fabric and bright silver double-sided elastic fabric, good ductility, suitable for all kinds of clothing with elastic fabric. It can be washed more than 15 times.

4. Punching reflective fabric

Punching can be applied to any substrate reflective fabric, making it more breathable, comfortable and stylish. Punching reflective fabric is widely used in a variety of leisure sports apparel.

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