A introduction of Perforated reflective tape


It becomes more and more popular to reprocess the reflective tape into different shape or pattern. It changes the dull image of reflective tape and make the garments fresh and fashion. Perforating is one of the reprocessing way and it makes the reflective tape breathable and artistic.


Chinastars could perforated various kinds of pattern on different reflective tape, such as reflective TC tape, reflective FR tape, reflective heat transfer tape.

In general, there are 2 kinds of perforating methods for reflective tape. One is perforating full wide reflective fabric, usually the full wide is 110cm. This method costs low and it is good for different shape of application. For example, it is perfect choice to perforate the reflective fabric and then make reflective jacket as shell fabric. While this method production is not good for tape sewing, the sewing is not very strong.


Another way is perforating narrow wide reflective stipe(usually 5cm width) and make the edge non perforated. This method costs much higher and the non perforated edge is good for sewing. It is perfect choice to apply such stripes on garments and make it special in the market.


Then why perforating for narrow tape costs much higher than wide fabric? Mainly below 2 reasons could explain it.

1. Labour costs: for wide tape, we perforate firstly and than slit into different size, the labour costs could be divided and unit labour costs is much lower. While for narrow tape with non perforated edge, we slit the stripes firstly and then perforate each stripe.

2. Model charge: for wide tape, the model charge is low and it could work for long time. While for the narrow one, the model charge is high and it is easy to be attritted.

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