5 Things to Know When Buying Safety Vests


A very important component of Personal Protective Equipment is the safety vest or surveyors vest. Just about anywhere you go, you will see all types of workers wearing safety vests. These vests play an important role to ensure that workers are more visible, especially in traffic areas. There are several things to consider when purchasing safety vests.

These days, people are staying out longer during the days and evenings, such as those who enjoy riding bicycles, jogging or running. Safety vests are an ideal way for them to be seen, as well. Safety products for work for athletes because they are sleek and not bulky, and are intended to keep citizens safe, too, as well as those who wear them to work each day. Another good idea is to purchase some reflective strips for your children’s bikes, to help them be more visible to drivers.

Employers are required to provide a safe working environment for each employee while meeting the U.S. standards set by ANSI. In addition, is your company up to speed when it comes to safety equipment and clothing? Making changes to reduce hazard and injury can be easily accomplished by switching to a safer chemical, using proper protection, and quality gear.

Safety vests play an important role in keeping workers safe. Vests help keep your workers more visible especially in high traffic areas. Before buying new safety vests for your employees, make sure to look for these 5 things.

Breathable material. Choose a mesh or lightweight material to ensure versatility throughout the year.

Bright colors. Always stay in the neon color family when buying safety vests. Color plays an important role in the safety of traffic workers.

ANSI Standards. Our breakaway safety vest meets ANSI 107 Class 2. When in doubt, always purchase safety products that meet ANSI standards.

Reflectivity. Adding more visibility is never a bad idea when it comes to high traffic workers. Reflective vests will especially come in handy during the winter months when the days are shorter.

The easy closure is often overlooked, yet still important. Keep it fast and simple with easy and long lasting Velcro closers.

5 Things to Know When Buying Safety Vests

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