30000pcs reflective vests are given to sanitation workers

[ Click:2364 ]    [ by Mia, CHINASTARS  Jul 21, 2017 ]

  An activity called “Caring for sanitation workers, helping city civilization " was launched days ago at Xi'an city. And 30000pcs vests of reflective material are given to sanitation workers by the charity organization.

  The colors of these vests are all fluorescent yellow-green. Referring to the standard of the police reflective vest, the design of these reflective vests has 4 reflective tapes, which makes it very eye-catching. On the back of the vest, there is a reflective logo named “No Cigarette Butts", aiming at advocating the public to love the city and protecting the environment from the minor matter. The second function of the reflective logo is safety. What's more, the front closer of the vest is hook and loop type, placing at the horizontal direction; it is one size fit all type. Sanitation workers can adjust the size by this kind hook and loop. It is very useful. As you know, when working at the road in winter, sanitation workers will wear more clothing, if the vest size cannot be adjusted, then it will be a problem. Some may not wear it.

  So next time when you walk on the road, you will see the city's sanitation workers are wearing the same color and design safety vest. They are the city environment's protector!

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