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10,000 reflective vests will be sent to schoolchildren this year

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In order to reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents in primary and secondary schools, a large-scale public welfare activity named "school road safety" have already been held in several schools by the government. And over 2000pcs reflective vests are distributed free of charge to children.

According to statistics, China's annual traffic accidents caused by primary and secondary school children and preschool children more than 10,000 casualties. From the mode of transportation, children in traffic accidents accounted for 45% of the total number of deaths caused by traffic accidents. With the substantial increase in car ownership, traffic safety issues have become increasingly prominent. Because many primary and secondary schools are in the road along the road, there is a certain risk when children go to school and come back home. Traffic police have the responsibility to teach children to identify traffic lights, wear the necessary safety equipment such as a reflective safety vest or other reflective material accessories, and obey the traffic rules, ask their parents not to drive when feels tired etc.

Total 10000pcs safety vest will be given to schoolchildren by the end of this year. Hope more and more people can realize the importance of wearing the safety equipment when exposure frequently by this activities.


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