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10 tips before you get behind the wheel

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Are you going by car to a well-deserved recreation? Before you get behind the wheel, review the ten tips recommended by insurance experts before you leave. It's not a good idea to check if your car is ready for vacation.

1. Make sure you have the required equipment in your car. We have a first aid kit, a warning triangle, and a reflective safety vest. Abroad, it may vary and police officers may require, for example, to have a tow rope and a vest in the cabin for each passenger. In Bulgaria and Poland there is also a fire extinguisher and in France an alcohol tester.

2. Make sure you also have a spare wheel and a replacement kit. Unless you have arranged assistance in case of a wheel change, a run-flat tire, or a tire repair kit.

3. Check the technical condition of the wheels. Above all, you can inflate the tires, the correct value of which can be found on the label most often located on the tank cap or the side of the body by the door.

4. Check fuel, oil level, brake fluid, and washer fluid.

5. Remind yourself of what your assistance service involves, so you know in which cases you can turn to it.

6. Save the assistance number on your phone. You never know when you'll need to dial it quickly.

7. Check the documents, if you have a valid driver's license, technical license or vehicle registration certificate, a valid green card, and a motorway stamp if you are driving on the motorway.

8. Don't forget to bring good music or some fun for the kids so you can focus on driving.

9. Check the weather that awaits you on the road, the traffic situation on the route, and adjust the navigation so that you do not get lost or stand in a convoy instead of driving.

10. Don't forget to drink and food for yourself and the crew. Especially when kids come with you. Avoid foods that spoil quickly and sweet drinks that do not quench your thirst. Plan refreshment breaks for a longer trip.

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