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The reduction board need to made with reflective material

[ Click:93 ]    [ by Jasmine, CHINASTARS  Oct 16, 2017 ]

  For the safety of students, recently a few new cement reduction board has been taken in the entrance of several schools, but all the reduction board did not apply reflective material, resulting in a lot of drivers do not slow down on the fast through the board, and the traffic accidents frequently happened.

  These boards are made of cement, and now only do the half, without reflective material, and when drivers see the front of the slowdown board, it is too late to brake and have to rush to the past. Not long ago, in the reduction board, front of the school, a car did not slow down in advance, only to leave the brakes only about 2 meters distance, the driver suddenly did an emergency brake, the truck was too late to brake and hit the car in front of it directly, the large diameter steel pipe inserted into the small car. The students are all need to wear a safety vest when they through this road and back home for safe.

  Nearby students' parents said, some people riding a motorcycle or electric cars faster, people have been riding away from the car mat, and even people have been thrown out of it. The reporters found that several reduction board is made of cement, about 7 cm high, not wearing any eye-catching colors or any reflective tape, the color of the reduction board is almost the same to the road, it is difficult to see clearly in a long distance, indeed, some even only half near the school, and has been part of the damage. And most drivers did not see the car in front of a reduction board, through it with a thigh speed; the car was jolted very high. The driver who knows the reduction board did not choose to slow down, but to bypass the board to the other side of the road.