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Reflective material, solve the problem of tunnel energy-saving lighting

[ Click:192 ]    [ by Jasmine, CHINASTARS  Sep 13, 2017 ]

  Application technology of reflective material in tunnel energy-saving lighting system, which was researched by Chongqing Jiaotong University, solved the problem of tunnel energy lighting. The self luminous reflective material developed by the project is mainly used in the side wall of tunnel to carry out the auxiliary lighting. The test shows that, at the entrance to the tunnel section, the lower side wall brushing LED light reflective material compared with white cement mortar coating, the road average illuminating can be increased by 13.1% and 2.5% and in the middle of the tunnel, it can Increase 9% and 2.2%.

  Now, the results have been successfully applied to the Yunnan Baoteng Highway Deer Mountain Tunnel, with 3 meters high reflective tape brushing in the tunnel wall, tunnel lighting indicators (illumination, brightness) are greatly improved, the initial estimate can save electricity about 15%. After evaluation, the driver can find small obstacles in a shorter time, is conducive to safe driving, and the reflective material is also with high brightness and long duration (generally 2 hours and more) in an unexpected power outage, can provide security for the safety of drivers and rescue workers.

  Industry experts believe that the results of the reflective material and lighting combination, can not only improve driver to solve the light and shade adaptation problem in the highway, and also helpful to the safe driving in the premise of saving energy.