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Knowledge of flame retardant reflective fabric

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The flame retardant reflective tape is consisting of flame retardant cloth and reflective material. And such special reflective fabric need to meet some of the requirements and testing can be regarded as qualified products.

1. Meet the index of EN533 3: According to EN532 implementation of the level of combustion, the test sample after ignition, the flame cannot spread to the bottom and the top of the sample, the vertical edge of the fabric. The sample cannot have burning debris (droplets) from Cloth on the fall; remove the flame to stop burning, the smoke should not extend from the carbonized area of the fabric to the fabric of the unbroken area, no holes generated. The burning time of any one of the six test specimens shall not exceed 2 seconds.

2. Meet ASTM1506: before washing or dry cleaning, according to D6413 implementation of vertical combustion, continuous burning time should not exceed 2 seconds; 25 times after washing or dry cleaning, according to D6413 implementati on of vertical combustion, continuous burning time should not exceed 2 seconds; according to ASTM1959 test, arc test results the longest continuous burning time is 5 seconds. Washing method: The fabric suitable for washing is 25 times with the American Textile Association's method AATCC 135.

3. Meet the NFPA1971: multi-layer structure of the standard fire service. The overall protective clothing thermal protection performance TPP value cannot be less than 35 (cal / cm2); the whole clothes to do penetration test, cannot have liquid leakage; clothing shell, lining, life-saving equipment and other components through vertical combustion, average carbon loss length can’t exceed 100mm, the average delay time cannot be more than 2 seconds, and can’t have droplets.

Reflective clothes produced by flame retardant reflective fabric, used as a fire suit or life-saving clothing, as long as there is a weak light, you can find the search target.