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Reflective umbrella

[ Click:257 ]    [ by Cindy, CHINASTARS  Jun 30, 2017 ]

 About the reflective fabric, Chinastars have more 20 styles reflective printing fabric until now. Reflective printing fabric is widely used on outdoor garments, it is normal shining in daytime, without reflection, but in nighttime, with the lights, it will reflect light and keep you safe when you in dark area. Except producing outdoor garments, Chinastars also use reflective printing fabric to make reflective umbrella. It is just a classic dark grey umbrella at daytime, but the high visibility reflective material will help you to be seen and stay safe at night.

  We have different type of printing fabric, fabric with cross pattern, branch pattern, curve pattern,  circle pattern,dumbbell pattern, paw pattern, etc. Chinastars use reflective printing fabric produce various kinds of high profile advertising umbrella, sun umbrella, gift umbrella, anti-UV umbrella, straight umbrella and reflective umbrella. They are all hot sell in the market.

  Please feel free to contact us if you have any question for reflective umbrella or other reflective products.